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NuHgh Releaser


NuHgh Releaser


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  • Aug 05, 2013

    Full scale production begins.

  • Jun 12, 2013

    Test Production begins.

  • Jun 18, 2012

    First test batch developed.

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After completing the dosage, I felt better in terms of energy level and activity. It increases sex drive and improves quality of life. I accomplished more work throughout the day. I slept much better.

"Shehzad Sheikh"

I just finished the supplement. Following is my analysis. "It did improve my daily energy level. It also increased my appetite for food. It controlled the alleviation of occasional acid indigestion."

"Nadeem Khattak, PHD"



NuHGH Releaser Details

The NuHGH Releaser

A  Natural Formula With Mostly Herbal


The NuHGH Releaser is an anti-aging nutritional supplement
that contains ingredients vital to enhance and release the human growth hormone present in the body.

What is HGH?

HGH is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland in
the body in response to growth and bodily functions. It modulates other hormone
secretion in the body causing several life-saving functions. As we grow older,
secretion of growth hormone substantially declines and, by the age of 60yrs, is
reduced to a minimal level (SomatoMenapause).


The NuHGH Releaser stimulates the secretion of growth
hormone which in turn directly prevents and reverses many processes that occur
as a result of aging, such as wrinkled skin, lower energy levels, diminished
sex drive, increased body fat, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.


The supplement creates an increase in energy levels, reduces
cholesterol, elevates mood, reduces and normalizes blood pressure, decreases
fat, restores hair growth, reduces wrinkling, and improves sex drive through
natural processes that result directly from the stabilization of the HGH levels
in the body.


Modern science has termed aging as a “disease” that can be countered strategically through an appropriate
level of care and prevention. Latest medical research has attributed many
different pathologies to aging that can be prevented and reversed by
maintaining HGH levels to those that were present during the second and third
decades of life.


Given in a prescribed dose, this product will sufficiently
maintain the recommended growth hormone levels in the body without reaching
toxicity as the neuroendocrine system will shut down HGH release after a safe
level of HGH in the body has been reached.



What is The NuHGH

The NuHGH Releaser contains blends of amino acids that
stimulate the ant pituitary to secrete the growth hormone. The NuHGH releaser
does not contain any hormone; it only acts as a catalyst to release those
present in the body through a combination polypeptides in bovine Ant pituitary
extract and hypothalamus .


THIS PRODUCT also contains  the following ingredients which are
essentials for human growth and vitality.

1.  MACA: a root plant consumed as food and used for
medicinal purposes. It has been used to increase energy, decrease fatigue,
increase stamina, and improve sexual functions/fertility.

2.  SHILAJIT: considered as an anti-oxidant and
rejuvenator of aging process, it enhances stamina, manages pain and stress by
normalizing mineral deficiencies (particularly iron), promotes concentration
and alertness of mind, helps lower blood pressure, increases sperm count, and
treats diabetes and infection.

3.  Bovine Colostrum: enhances immunity and prevents
viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

4.  L-Luicine, Glutamine, GABA, Lycopine, Zinc
Gluconate, and Gensing
: all promote vitality and muscle growth.

5.  L-Arginine: produces nitric oxide leading to
vasodilatation with an increased blood flow to brain, heart, and other vital

Unlike synthetic preparations, the HGH releaser has no known side effects and no known drug interaction.